5 Best Vacuum Cleaner to choose for effortless cleaning!


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When it comes to cleaning, a vacuum cleaner definitely is one of those home appliances everyone needs. This handy appliance - vacuum cleaner makes cleaning much more easier, less tiring, and quicker. Back in the day, most vacuum cleaner are heavy and noisy, but now, from the modern cordless vacuum cleaner like LG vacuum cleaner to self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S6, there are so many choices to choose from! Looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your home? We have listed 5 best vacuum cleaners for you, let's check these vacuum cleaner reviews now! 

| 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner to choose for effortless cleaning!

| 1. Shark Cordless Vacuum with Self Cleaning Brushroll - IZ202

This Shark vacuum cleaner is specially designed for homes with pets, as it comes with the self-cleaning brushroll, able to easily removes and separates pet hair or long hair without tangling. Moreover, this Shark vacuum cleaner features DuoClean technology for cleaning any floor type efficiently. With its additional soft brushroll, you can handle debris of every type, from large particles to small particles and even stuck-on dust, works great on carpet surfaces too! 

What's most amazing about this Shark vacuum cleaner is that you can now bend your stick 90°, with its Flexiwand, you be able to reach for under furniture or hard reach spaces effortlessly! You can even bend 180° self-standing for easy storage anywhere around your household. This Shark vacuum cleaner comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter, to trap most of the dust and allergens inside the vacuum, which is super helpful for people with allergies. This Shark vacuum cleaner also had an Advanced Swivel Steering for smoother movement while working, and powerful LED lights on the nozzle to help reveal hidden debris around your home. 

Combining powerful suction, advanced cleaning technologies, and flexible design all in a compact body, this Shark vacuum cleaner is definitely one of the versatile cleaning tools for your home!

| 2. Roborock S6

Consider as one of the best robot vacuum cleaners, Roborock S6 features a powerful 32-bit quad-core processor, which helps calculate the most efficient route for cleaning each room, and with its powerful 2000Pa hyperforce suction can easily lift dirt off hardwood floors and dredges it up from deep inside carpet fibers effectively in no time! Not just a vacuum cleaner, Roborock S6 has a mop function that can help to give your floor a brighter shine. 

Roborock S6 features voice control, 360° sensor ability, can clean up to 3 hours nonstop, is 50% quieter than the S5, and sounds better, letting you able to clean your home any time, day or night without disruption! With multi-level mapping systems, it can save multiple maps, along with No-go Zones for each level, Roborock S6 can recognize different levels of a home automatically without opening the Roborock app. By using E11-rated filter, Roborock S6 can capture up to 95% allergens, helping you keep the air at home fresh and clean, plus, you only need fewer replacements, as it is washable.

Roborock S6 is an absolute must-have vacuum cleaner in your modern home, it definitely will make your life easier! 

| 3. Dyson V15 Detect vacuum

Dyson is known all over the world for its latest vacuum cleaner technology, as Dyson vacuum cleaner is engineered to clean, I believe your home will be dust-less! This new modal Dyson vacuum cleaner can say is the most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum cleaner, as it comes with whole-machine HEPA filtration, helping you capture 99.99% fine dust as small as pet dander and diesel soot, expelling cleaner air for your home.

Plus, this Dyson vacuum cleaner can completely find and track down every last bit of dust! Featuring its Pioneering Dyson technology, this Dyson vacuum cleaner Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head comes with laser dust illumination, a precisely-angled green laser that detects dust and dirt that is invisible to the naked eye.

Moreover, this Dyson vacuum cleaner also shows the size and quantity of dirt and dust that's been removed and displays it for you on the LCD screen. This Dyson vacuum cleaner is great at eliminating long hair and pet hair, especially on furniture using the hair screw tool, sucking up dust from carpets is not an issue too. The versatility of this Dyson vacuum cleaner cordless technology makes deep cleaning and more surfaces throughout your home easier, making you had the power to clean anywhere!

| 4. WYPE - Cordless Sweep & Mop Cleaner

WYPE is totally a new type of vacuum cleaner that can do dust removing, wet mopping and auto self-cleaning, clean up both wet and dry messes in one go all in one, making our cleaning time 50% lesser. WYPE is cordless, lightweight, and portable, also suitable for any kind of floor type, even stairs or the ground height difference that robot vacuum cleaners can't clean, WYPE can do it well! WYPE uses a high coefficient sponge that sticks up dirt and debris, that can be replaced every 6-12 months compared to traditional vacuum cleaner.

WYPE comes with a smart rolling technology that uses pressure suction to suck all the dirt, to help reduce discomfort during cleaning, super helpful to people with allergies. Once fully charge for 2.5 hours, WYPE can be used for 60 minutes, which is probably enough for cleaning. 

You can add some floor cleaner, but not washing up liquid or something bubbly, and you are ready to clean, also it can efficiently move forwards and backward using push-pull action. Moreover, with the self-cleaning button, WYPE will auto separate clean and dirty water with its base station in a separate compartment and discharge anything that is dirty, into the stains box at the front of the base. 

| 5. LG CordZeroThinQ A9 Kompressor+

With this new upgraded LG vacuum cleaner, you can clean your entire home efficiently. This convenient LG vacuum cleaner works on all floor types, featuring their new charging station stand that can automatically or manually clean out the dustbin and recharges the vacuum after use. Plus, the charging station also provided spaces for you to store its six accessories and nozzles, giving you a neat and tidy appearance.

Another interesting feature about this LG vacuum cleaner is the ability to use it as a mop, you can just switch the nozzle and mop your floor in no time. And thanks to this LG vacuum cleaner's full touch display, you can easily set the setting via the charging station. Moreover, you can easily turn LG vacuum cleaner on and off or select different power levels with just a single touch. Other features of this LG vacuum cleaner included two quick-change battery packs and removable washable filters. 

Need some efficient cleaning tips? You probably may consider having LG vacuum cleaner at home!

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner should be versatile enough to clean a variety of surfaces for your home, and able to perform well for many years, we hope that our vacuum cleaner reviews will help you find the best vacuum cleaner

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