How to start crowdfunding on MYFEEL?


作者:Tom Phan

Have a fancy idea, but short of funds and supporters? Now, crowdfunding is a place to help.

While here are some steps you can follow, If you’re looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign on MYFEEL:

1. Propose Your Idea: 

Don’t just let your fancy idea stop in mind, write it down, and send it out!

In MYFEEL homepage, you can find a ‘Cooperation invitation’ link under the page, click on that, you will be redirected to a form for you to fill out your idea and details.

2. Submit for review: 

After filling out the complete information on ‘Propose Your Idea’ page, you will need to submit it for review. 

Next, MYFEEL team will conduct a rigorous review of your project, to ensure the idea is feasible or its legality. Besides this, you can also send a direct Invitation letter to our official mailbox, for a faster reach.

3. Create a project with MYFEEL: 

Once the idea is selected by MYFEEL team, we will reply to your contact. Then arrange a meeting with you, to introduce your product or service, goals, plans, and other relevant information. 

To make sure the content is attractive and credible, as this will help to attract more investors.

4. Determine crowdfunding goal: 

After the discussion, we will need to determine the crowdfunding goal and deadline. 

MYFEEL recommends setting a reasonable crowdfunding goal and deadline to increase the project's success rate.

5. Promote the project: 

Once the project page and crowdfunding goal have been set up, you need to promote and publicize the project on the MYFEEL platform. 

Then, we can together promote the project through social media, email, website, and other channels to attract more investors.


NOW is the most important step!

When your project is ready, you can launch the crowdfunding campaign. Investors can now invest in your project through MYFEEL, and you can track and manage the campaign accordingly.

In summary, launching a MYFEEL crowdfunding campaign involves a few discussions in between, this is to make sure the project can be launched successfully.

Fancy about trying out? 

If you need more information and support, you can consult the MYFEEL platform's customer service staff by the ‘Contact Us’ link below. ;)

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