Ice Peak Quilt | stay cool all-night-long with Japan technology


ICE PEAK QUILT designed by IDE'E LIVING in Taiwan and helping you to sleep well and cooler. It is 3x cooler with Japan technology cooling fabric. It is double-sided design, burdenless with less than 1500 grams, machine washable and there are 4 colour options.





We are MYFEEL! Together we "Make the Impossible Possible"!

3x Cooler with Japan Technology

Ice Peak Quilt takes your heat away more effectively than other cooling quilt on market.

Qmax value 3x higher than standard cooling fiber

Instantly takes your heat away

Cooling technology from Japan

Lightweight and Breathable

Ice Peak Quilt gently comforts you with lightweight, and keep sweats away with breathable fabric.

Stay Cool All Night

A cooling comforter that keeps you away from catching cold. Try using Ice Peak Quilt with your air conditioner on for better result.

Double-sided for all weather

Hot day or rainy day? Ice Peak Quilt got you covered.

Machine Washable

Foldable into small size just like a quilt cover, but having the whole quilt clean and fresh. Enjoy Fresh Quilt Everyday!

Easy Storage

Foldable into small size just like a quilt cover, but having the whole quilt clean and fresh.

What's even better?



Quilted to keep filler in place

Fully stuffed with breathable material

4 comforting colours to choose from


IDE'E LIVING is a home furnishing brand from Taiwan with two physical stores in Taipei. Since 2003, IDE'E not only had nearly 20 years of experience in bedding product development, but also continuously listened to customers' feelings and feedback, and put them into our new products development.

Traditional quilts can’t satisfy the daily needs due to the humid and sultry weather. For this, we kept looking for materials and fabrics that are suitable for consumers. Finally, we found the cool fabric from Japan and this was how Ice Peak Quilt born!